Christchurch Harbour

Christchurch Harbour is a natural harbour formed by the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Stour. Habitat within the harbour is tidal mud around Stanpit Marsh, a mixture of heathland and sheltered woodland on Hengistbury Head, and open fields with maturing vegetation to the east of Wick village.

Automatic monitoring station on the river Stour at Throop.

A sonde deployed in the river is monitoring water temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, turbidity and water depth every 10 minute

Deploying a sonde in the Avon river

Water levels have exceeded all recent records on the Avon at Knapp Mill during January and February 2014

Macronutrient cycles – nitrogen (N), carbon (C) and phosphorus (P) – are pivotal in the stability of global biogeochemical cycles, in sustaining natural resources and in protecting human health and biodiversity. Human activities have enhanced global cycles of N and P by on average 100% and 400%, respectively.

The Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Cycle in one of the four consortium projects of the Macronutrients Cycles Programme  that aim to understand better the macronutrient behaviour within waters over a range of temporal and spatial scales and monitor the effect of storms on pollution in a river estuary in the Hampshire Avon and Stour rivers and Christchurch Harbour in Dorset.

PR: Christchurch Harbour Estuary research project highlights advantages of continuous monitoring

Researchers from the south coast of England have established a small network of monitoring instruments in Christchurch Harbour and associated rivers to study the effects of weather events on water quality, and to better understand the magnitude and spatial/temporal variation of macronutrient fluxes – nitrogen (N), carbon (C) and phosphorus (P). The project, which is financed by a Natural Environmental …

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The Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Project on “Demonstration Test Catchments”

Funded under”the NERC Macronutrients Cycles Programme, the Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Research”Project is investigating the effect of storm events on nutrient fluxes from the Hampshire Avon and river Stour into the Christchurch Harbour estuary in Dorset. During the first year of the project regular weekly visits were made to four sampling sites at Throop and Iford Bridge on the”Stour, Knapp Mill …

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The Macronutrients scientists meet with the Time and Tide science club

Jack Billinge and Athena Drakou from the Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients  programme, joined the Time and Tide youth club on Saturday 07 March,   to talk about our study and work on monitoring the river inputs and the exchange of nutrients in the harbour and in the Avon and Stour Rivers. We had a lot of fun with a hands-on activity …

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Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Project: Second Stakeholder Meeting

On 19th November 2014 the NERC funded Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Project Second Stakeholder Meeting took place in the National Oceanography Centre Southampton. Attendees included scientists working on the research project and stakeholder representatives from the Environmental Agency, Christchurch and East Dorset Council, Wessex Water, Queen Mary University, and the Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust, as well as company representatives …

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High Frequency Water Quality monitoring in the Christchurch Harbour estuary.

As part of the NERC funded Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Research Project  a Xylem YSI EXO2 water quality multiprobe sonde is now installed on the Ferry pontoon in Christchurch Harbour.  Data is being recorded every 10 minutes on the sonde of the following parameters; water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, pH, depth and  dissolved organic matter. Summary  data is being …

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